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Over half the population in the United States experiences one or more common visual acuity problems. Generally, people with visual acuity problems are nearsighted, farsighted, and/or have astigmatism. Collectively, these conditions are medically referred to as lower order aberrations. Lower order aberrations are usually corrected by wearing glasses, contact lenses or by laser vision correction.

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Is the “high cost” of LASIK lower than you think? Suddenly, a single, permanent LASIK procedure
doesn’t seem so expensive, does it?


About 38 million Americans wear contact lenses. They offer good sight without the hassle of wearing glasses. But, if not taken care of correctly, they can also lead to a painful and sometimes blinding condition called keratitis, a condition of the cornea that can be caused by a variety of bacteria, fungi and other germs.

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I had my lasik done last week with dr. lin and so far so good! This place is extremely efficient and professional. I was really hesitant to do lasik b/c…


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Q: After I have laser eye surgery, will my vision change later in life? A: As our body’s age, usually after 40 years old, we experience a decline in the quality of our vision, typically up close (reading) vision is affected. This age-related problem is called Presbyopia, which is due to a weakening of the lens within the eye.


Many of our patients travel to us from out-of-town. Patients travel to us for laser vision correction from across the United States, as well as from Canada, Asia, and Europe. You will need to be in the Los Angeles area for less than 48 hours, spread over two days and one night. We have special corporate rates at several local hotels. We are happy to help you with your arrangements to make your trip to Los Angeles as simple and smooth as possible.

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